Archives 2015

12/9/15: "Holiday Luncheon, Silent Auction, and Community Service Presentation"

11/10/15: "Emergency Preparedness - 3 Days, 3 Ways"

10/14/15: "Seating to Meet Your Objectives"

9/9/15: “Contract Negotiation: The Art of the Deal”

8/12/15: "How good is YOUR RFP? How to Create a Successful RFP"

7/13/15: "Desk to Dinner: Dressing Your Best All Day"

6/10/15: "Installation and Rewards Luncheon"

5/13/15: "Spring Education Workshop with Colleen A. Rickenbacher - The Protocol of Global Business Behavior"

4/8/15: "State of the Society Address and Celebrating 30 Years of PNW"

3/11/15: "What's New in Travel Regulations?" (An update from the TSA)

2/11/15: "Interactive Ethics" (Recap)

1/14/15: "CMP versus CGMP What's the Difference?" (Recap | Powerpoint)