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PNW SGMP Chapter History

The Pacific Northwest ('nee Seattle) Chapter was chartered on April 17, 1985.  In a small but warm ceremony, a quorum of the Chapter's 16 members in good standing were on hand as National Board members Bob Driscoll and Andrea Storey presented Chapter President Red Meyer with the official charter plaque.  The Pacific Northwest Chapter was the second chapter chartered outside the National organization.

Charter (and still current) member, Nancy Wallace, was part of the chapter formation team doing the preliminary work to get the chapter up and running.  She says that it was enthusiasm that started our chapter.  All these years later, we all agree that it is enthusiasm that has kept our chapter alive for all these years.

The Chapter's first goals, back in 1985, focused on team work among its members, geographic dispensation as a means of increasing membership, and offering quality educational programs.  These goals continue to be the foundation by which the chapter operates today. 

The Chapter's name and logo are intended to reflect the broad geographic base and characteristics of the Pacific Northwest--Eastern Washington and Western Washington, the beautiful Puget Sound, and the Cascade mountain range, as well as Idaho and Alaska.

Currently, the Pacific Northwest Chapter has about 60 members.  Chapter meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month (unless otherwise specified) in various locations in the Puget Sound area.  Each monthly meeting offers an education program, fundraising activity, networking opportunity, and property tour.   

The Chapter Board of Directors (who serve a 2-year term) meet prior to each monthly meeting.  Along with the nine Board positions there are several chapter committees working to enhance the Chapter including Programming, Membership, Budget and Finance, Fundraising and Sponsorships, Honors and Awards, Nominations and Elections, Community Outreach, and Website/Newsletter.

The Pacific Northwest Chapter holds an annual education conference or workshop each year, and conducts a festive Holiday Silent Auction each December.

The Chapter is proud of its long history (we celebrated our 30th anniversary in April 2015) and its many, many accomplishments; which include having produced 4 National Board members, 1 Gilmer Institute of Learning trustee, 3 Gilmer award recipients, and many National programming and communications awards. 

The Pacific Northwest Chapter is dedicated to improving the quality and cost-effectiveness of government meetings. 


Red Meyer, 1985-1987

Peggy Meyer, 1987-1988

Rafael Colon, 1988-1989

Bennie Walthall, 1989-1990

Jan Thor, CMP, 1990-1992

Sue Bailey, 1992-1994

Linda Edwards, 1994-1995

Trish McFadden, CMP, 1995-1997

Gail Burris, CMP, 1997-1998

Susie Woodruff, 1998-1999

Joyce Chapman, 1999-2001

Trish McFadden, CMP, 2001-2002

Jody Bales, 2002-2005

DeAnn Hartman, CMP, 2005-2007

Lorna Linden, 2007-2007

Sue Daivs, 2007-2009

Ronda Fullerton, 2009-2010

Julie Clifford, 2010-2011

Jan Thor, CMP, 2011-2013

Lorna Linden, 2013-2014

Missy Goodell, 2014 – 2015

Jan Thor, CMP (Trustee) 2016-2018

Becki Ellison, 2018-Present

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