Archives, 2012

12/12/12: "Holiday Silent Auction/Community Outreach Presentation"

11/14/12: "SGMP on the Web: Social Media Best Practices"

10/10/12: "Meeting Room Set-Up & Traffic Flow"

9/12/2012: "Per Diem...a panel discussion"

8/8/2012: "Dress Your Professional Best"

7/11/2012: "National Education Conference Recap: What We Learned!"

6/6/2012: "Meeting Planning Jeopardy" (plus Year in Review and Chapter Awards)

5/9/2012: "AV Techniques & Trends"

4/11/2012: "Marketing Your Meeting -- How to Boost Your Attendence"

3/14/2012: "Hotel Negotiations: A Planner / Supplier Panel Discussion"

2/15/2012: "Winter Workshop / Technology Trends"

1/11/2012: "What You Should Know About Hotel Revenue Management"