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SGMP Western Alliance Presents - Have We Lost Our Focus?

  • Tuesday, January 24, 2023
  • 11:15 AM - 12:30 PM
  • Virtual
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Western Alliance Presents: Have We Lost Our Focus?

Tuesday, January 24, 2023 @ 11:15 AM

via Zoom

Text alerts, phone calls, work fatigue, employee disengagement, Zoom waiting rooms, and outside noise are just a handful of things that snatch our focus from the task at hand. A task that could be done with intense laser like focus in two hours is now taking two days or longer to complete. For government meeting planners this is lowering their productivity, increasing stress, and is affecting their image for lack of efficiency. More and more companies are saying they’d rather hire an employee who is not that talented and yet, can focus, than hiring an employee who is extremely talented yet cannot focus. Focus is one of the biggest challenges for government meeting professionals in 2023.

Probably the greatest threat to our focus is our own, inner mind chatter. Mental entanglements, negative self-talk, wrong mindsets, erroneous influence are bondages that prevent us from giving our fullest to our jobs, to our families, and to the beautiful state of Colorado.


Lack of focus leads to time waste, energy drainage, physical health problems, frustration, and loss of dollars.


In this session author, speaker, and consultant Preethi Fernando gives practical, easy to grasp and back to basics tools on regaining our focus and concentration. After engaging with Preethi for one hour for a virtual session you will be able to better handle that task you have been putting off, not get wound up around that insensitive comment made by a toxic employee, have the self-discipline to not look at incoming text alerts fifty two times a day, and be better able to filter out mentally defeating thoughts. This is indeed a great topic to start your 2023 as a government meeting planner and supplier.



1 How to remain with a task until it is complete; how to stay through a Zoom call without "x" ing out

2 How to mentally shut off the sounds of text alerts, phone calls, and online notifications

3 How to train the mind to think through a problem and see the solution at the end, without giving up on it when things get difficult

4 How to practice mental toughness to stretch, not snap, and to maintain our concentration with a person, situation, or problem that never seems to end


Cost to attend is $10.00 - Please register by 1/20/23 on our website and we will send you and invoice for payment and the zoom link for the meeting.


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