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PNW SGMP Chapter 1/2 Day Workshop - The Three Ps. Be Prepared. Be Productive. Be Prudent

  • Wednesday, October 09, 2019
  • 10:45 AM - 3:00 PM
  • Radisson Hotel Seattle Airport 18118 International Blvd. Seattle WA 98188


  • Due to Speaker fee's this workshop is not complimentary. Fee does include lunch.
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  • Member supplier or Supplier Guest

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Glen Guyton is a Speaker and Writer and comes to us from San Antonio Texas.  Glen will be speaking about the Three Ps. 

"Be Prepared.  Be Productive.  Be Prudent."

RSVP no later than October 4, 2019.   Registration 10:45am.  Class starts promtly at 11am and ends at 3pm.  Lunch is provided.  Please bring your laptop for the hands on "Power Point" session.   Online payment functionality is still not working.  We will take payment at the door.  


In this Fall Education Workshop you will earn 1 contact hour in each three core competencies: Education/Programming, Technology, and Protocol.  You will learn diverse planning techniques to make all attendees feel welcome and engaged, as well as how to empower a diverse crowd.  You will learn how to create an awesome, readable, and functional PowerPoint presentation and you will learn protocol etiquette and how to to create protocol checklists for a worry free VIP experience.

Core Competency 1: Education/Programming

  • Diversity—Events offer a major opportunity to bring different kinds of people together.  But what do you do to put together an event where people feel welcomed and engaged? Don’t just attract a diverse crowd, but also find ways to empower those who have been left out by the traditional paradigms of event design. Explore crucial steps in ensuring that your process, program, and promotions are inclusive and culturally competent.
  • Take-Aways
    • Tips for identifying your diversity and inclusion targets.
    • Learn the basics of culturally competent planning.
    • Explore culturally competent promotions and get Glen’s tip sheet.

Core Competency 5: Technology

  • PowerPoint—When it comes to presentation design, for instance, there's no shortage of option. What colors? What formats? What visuals? What fonts? Be careful in your selection. Not all design combinations add up to success. There is no one right way to design your next PowerPoint presentation, but some designs make more sense than others and are more effective. Luckily, new versions of PowerPoint suggest ideas for you based on the content you're presenting. In this session you will learn how to create an awesome, readable and functional PowerPoint.
  • Take-Aways
    • 10 Best practices for a powerful PowerPoint
    • 10 Examples of a Great PowerPoint
    • PowerPoint Short Cuts
    • Using PowerPoint and Prezi Together

Core Competency 8: Protocol

VIPs (Government, military, civic leaders, celebrities, international)
  • Protocol is a combination of good manners and common sense, which allows effective communications between VIPs, their representatives, and the event hosts. Hosting VIPs is is an evolving science that has thankfully evolved as the times have changed. Planners must keep in mind that proper etiquette/protocol encompasses the body of manners and forms prescribed by custom, usage, or authority. Etiquette preserves respect for the rights and dignities of others. In short, etiquette represents good manners. (Adapted from A Guide to Protocol and Etiquette for Official Entertainment, US Army)
  • Take-Aways
  • Assembling the VIP support team
  • Learn the basics of culturally competent planning.
  • Develop your protocol checklist for a worry-free VIP experience.

Please note:  This program is eligible for 3 contact hours.  

 **ZOOM/ SKPYE will NOT be available for this workshop.  


Our Community Service Partnership

The Healing Center

The Healing Center is a grief support community for adults, children, and families.  Their community offers a unique long-term, multi-faceted approach to grief support, combining group support with informal events and social networks.  It’s a safe, loving place that honors grief, helping people to navigate through it and heal.  It serves adults, young adults, and children who have experienced the death of a spouse, partner, parent, child or sibling.

September donation request:  SCHOOL SUPPLIES.  (bring them to the meeting and we will take them to the Center)

INCENTIVE:  For your donation you will receive a FREE door prize ticket.

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